WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

There are lots of plugins to proficiently run WordPress multi-author blogs. These plugins are to help you manage several authors who work for your website. With the passage of time, it becomes essential for business owners to assign some responsibility. This sharing of responsibility ensures that all tasks are completed on time. Again, a skilled team can contribute a lot to develop a website in a short time rather than one blogger.

WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

Good Writer Checkify is an excellent plugin to help you maintain class of your posts. Blogging is more than just posting articles. This plugin is in fact a check-list for authors to verify any missed out important points while writing as well as submitting their posts.

Edit Flow is a useful plugin to deal with your editorial workflow. It is absolutely editorial workflow administration scheme. The websites which consist of a number of authors may use this plugin. This plugin lets you leave editorial comments on post drafts. The post drafts will be seen by only the post editor. This plugin works as a medium of communication among your workforce.

Post Forking is a plugin that lets the authors to fork an existing post to edit rather than copying posts to form a fresh draft.WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

Co-Author Plus is a free useful WordPress plugin. Co-Author Plus plugin enables the users to give due credit to every hardworking authors who work for you. This is made possible by inserting multiple by-lines beneath a particular piece of writing. Co-Authors are capable of editing any of their articles anytime.

Restrict Author Posting plugin lets the users allocate categories to authors by limiting their entrance to the specific categories.

User access manager is an extraordinary plugin to rule your blog. You can allot various permissions to particular user groups. You can place entrance rules by user groups, post types etc. There are many extra facilities like hiding posts or pages, giving right of entry by IP address, restrictive access to upload etc.

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