How to Speed up WordPress -Easy Steps For WP Beginners

How to Speed up WordPress -Easy Steps. Website Speed is very important for professional bloggers and website owners. Excellent opening speed is also essential for faster rank in SERP’s as well as good performance of websites. Everyone feels irritated to wait for a website to completely load. WordPress is a surprising stage to commence online business, commercial site, blog, etc. Everything in WordPress can be done simply. But it is sad that, WordPress site gets slow while installing some WordPress themes; widgets and plugins. If your website doesn’t open in right time, your traffic goes down. So, website speed is very important. Here how to speed up WordPress is explained.

How to Speed up WordPress

To speed up WordPress website you need to check your Current Website Speed firstly. There are some famous speed checker websites like GTmetrix, Webpage test, Google Page Insight, Pingdom which provide you accurate data. Store your current status anywhere by tracking your website speed from any of these websites. If you find your website speed is ok, then you need not worry. But if your website speed is below average, then follow up the following steps:How to Speed up WordPress, wp site speed enhance, wp sire speed up process

Shift to best webhosting service as it gives your website extra performance. Here are some best web hosting providers like Bluehost, WPEngine and HostGator which give you unbelievable performance.

To speed up your website, you can use best caching plugin. Cache plugin helps the users to cache all their pages, content, posts etc by ensuring faster loading.

Speed up WordPress Site Easily

Reduce the number of plugins to speed up your WordPress website. Because, use of so many plugins may slow down website speed.

By using Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can speed up your website performance. Content Delivery Network is very famous to increase website performance.

You can increase your page speed by optimizing your site’s images.

You need to control post revisions to speed up your WordPress website. Repeated revisions of posts may hamper your WordPress website speed.

Huge comments take huge page loading time. So, you need to limit your comment in your page or post to keep up your website speed.

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