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Best One Page WordPress Themes of 2016

freelancer theme, freelancer wordpress one column theme

Best One Page WordPress Themes of 2016. Single page theme is fit for personal blog or any website that represent any company or personal figure. One column theme of website can show any topic easily to the visitors that’s why web developer choose one column theme for personal blog or website or any niche blog.If

How to Share Private Posts with User Groups in WordPress

Share Private Posts with User Groups in WordPress, wp post share in groups

How to Share Private Posts with User Groups in WordPress. Do you want to share post with a specific group like work panel or family? You can create private posts in WordPress. You are able to create even password protected posts in WordPress. You just need editor level permissions in order to see the private

Best Live Chat WordPress Plugins That Make website user friendly

Best Live Chat WordPress Plugins, wp best live chat plugin, install best chat plugins wp

Best Live Chat WordPress Plugins That Make website user friendly. Consumer satisfaction is the motto of every successful business. To satisfy consumer it is important to have good interaction with the consumers. By responding to consumer queries you can be in good terms with the consumers which subsequently will lead you success. Live chat has the

How to Speed up WordPress -Easy Steps For WP Beginners

How to Speed up WordPress, wp site speed enhance, wp sire speed up process

How to Speed up WordPress -Easy Steps. Website Speed is very important for professional bloggers and website owners. Excellent opening speed is also essential for faster rank in SERP’s as well as good performance of websites. Everyone feels irritated to wait for a website to completely load. WordPress is a surprising stage to commence online

How to Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

How to Make WordPress Site More Secure, wp site security, how to secure wp site

How to Make WordPress Site More Secure? Learn from this editorial. WordPress is the largest popular blogging dais in the world. So, it is a colossal target for hackers as well as crackers. The security errors in WordPress are though found rather quickly by hackers, they are also very quickly patched. Yet, there are many

Fix WordPress Website Not Updating Issue

create a Personal Blog Using WordPress, wp logo, wordpress logo download

Sometimes website owners find a common problem that the newly made posts do not appear on the homepage of their WordPress site. The newly made post can be seen by clicking on the view post option of the WordPress admin area. But the new posts are not displayed on the main page. This article is