How to Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

How to Make WordPress Site More Secure? Learn from this editorial. WordPress is the largest popular blogging dais in the world. So, it is a colossal target for hackers as well as crackers. The security errors in WordPress are though found rather quickly by hackers, they are also very quickly patched. Yet, there are many things to do as webmaster to make your site more forceful.

How to Make WordPress Site More Secure

You need to remove the Installation Folder. Completely delete the installation folder from the server for your site’s safety.

Update Your Plugins and the Site Itself to make your site more security. Every time you find an update for WordPress, install it. You also update plugins whenever updates are offered. The updates provide you point releases and point releases are likely to contain many important security updates.How to Make WordPress Site More Secure, wp site security, how to secure wp site

You can choose a Sensible Username to make your website more secure. WordPress mostly faces brute force attacks. For instance, your username is ‘admin’ in addition to, you selected a simple password. In that case, your site can be hacked very easily. You can select such a username that is hard to guess. You have to use such a password that you have never used on other sites.

How to Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

Use Security Plugins to safeguard your WordPress site. iThemes Security is the All in One WP Security plugin which you can use. These works by restricting access to privileged features at the hosting level before WordPress even processes the requests.

Once your host consents to disable FTP do so when it is not required. You can anytime re-enable it to use by logging in to your hosting panel. This action will act as an additional security.