How to Create a Blogging Checklist in WordPress

A blog post checklist is meant to ensure that the articles are all set to be published. Actually, this blog post checklist accelerates the editorial development. By using a blog post checklist you can stay away from some mistakes. The majority flourishing bloggers like to use blog post checklist to verify mistakes. They also use it to ensure that the articles are organized to be published. Here, how to form a blogging checklist in WordPress is described.

Most professional bloggers develop standard style to get through each and every article of their sites. With the growth of your site, you would be willing to include more pre-publish tasks.

Though single blogger can check all necessary steps before publishing an article, but something may go wrong in a multi-author site. For the development of your site you would require to check spelling mistakes, add featured image, grammar mistakes, SEO features etc. A blogging checklist fulfills this need. It lets you to go through important tasks before publishing a post. This plugin is useful to verify mistakes and work professionally.

How to Create a Blogging Checklist in WordPress

To create a blog post checklist you have to install and turn on the Pre-Publish Post Checklist plugin. After establishment of the plugin, go to “Pre-Publish Post Checklist” from “Settings” to configure the plugin. At first, Click on the “Add checklist item” to insert a task in your blogging check list. Then, select the save option. Repeat the method to include all your checklist tasks. There is setting for the default action beneath the checklist to take when checklist tasks are not accomplished. You have opportunity to select to not publish a post or notify user about incomplete tasks in the checklist.How to Create a Blogging Checklist in WordPress

If you create a new post or go to edit an existing post, you will see the Pre-publish checklist box. The Pre-publish checklist box contains all the tasks to be checked before a post goes online. The plugin will notify you, if you try to publish any post without verifying all the items of the checklist.

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