WordPress.org VS WordPress.com

WordPress.org VS WordPress.com- which one to choose is discussed here. The beginners always wonder about choosing WordPress.org or WordPress.com. WordPress.org is Self Hosted and WordPress.com is Free. Here comparison between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org is made to give you proper idea about both. And this effort will undoubtedly help you choose the better one.

WordPress.org VS WordPress.com

In WordPress.org, you are the owner of your data and you have full control over your site. WordPress.org is easy to use and free. You have full authority to earn money from the site by using ads. You yourself are able to upload and use plugins; custom themes; do Custom analytics and Tracking.

In WordPress.org, you require a first-class web hosting that will cost you approximately $3 – $7 each month. You have to do your own updates and backup’s responsibility is also yours. You also have to prevent SPAM of your own.WordPress.org VS WordPress.com

WordPress.com is free for maximum 3GB space and the company makes backups of your site regularly. After the limit, you need to pay for space that is 5GB will cost $19.95 and 100 GB will cost $289.97 each year. The company set ads on every free websites and you have to pay them $29.97 each year to continue your site without add. You cannot sell ads on your site till you reach 25,000 page views each month. WordPress.com does not let you use custom themes; plugins and Custom Analytics Software.

If you break WordPress.com’s Service Terms, they can remove your site anytime. Despite paying for their upgrades, you are bound to tell others that your website is powered on WordPress.com. They can modify your site theme without informing you if they don’t like the theme developer.

Finally, for a personal blogger who is not interested to earn from site can use WordPress.com. But those who are willing to take it as career should choose WordPress.org.

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