How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress. Know how to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress easily from this writing. Firstly you have to understand that you need to migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing the traffic and SEO ranking. To do that, you have to bring in all posts, comments & pages; preserve permalinks for posts & pages; forward permalinks for labels & search archives and finally keep hold of all feed subscribers.

How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

WordPress offers the users an easy one-click option for moving blog posts and reader comments from Blogger to WordPress blog. But you are bound to lose the whole search traffic as the URLs of your blog posts will alter. After migration to WordPress, the visitors will not be mechanically redirected to your new website by Blogger. In addition, your existing subscribed Blogger readers may be gone everlastingly if they themselves don’t subscribe to your latest WordPress feed address. So, without facing any of these issues, to move from Blogger to WordPress follow the provided instructions.How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress, bolgger to wordpress move process, bloger to wordpress

Before starting the resettlement, backup your Blogger Blog including the comments, XML template and blog posts for safety. You need to register to a new web domain. You need to buy web hosting as well as set up WordPress on your latest domain. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Select “Blogger” option from Tools to Import. Approve WordPress to contact the Blogger Account. Then, select the blog which will shift your all posts and comments of Blogger blog on the new WordPress site in no time and save the changes. To complete the import procedure, allot a user to your content who will be made known as the author of contents.

Go to the WordPress themes editor which exists under Appearance to unlock the functions.php file for control or editing. Functions.php file exists in most WordPress themes otherwise you can upload it yourself via cPanel or FTP.

To retain your Google search ranking on your new WordPress click here.

If you are not comfortable with the earlier plugin, you can apply the Blogger to WordPress plugin.

You are done now!