Internet- innovatory change in communication

Internet has brought innovatory change in communication. Internet is the name of an innovatory change in the means of communication. Internet denotes an immense network of networks connecting millions of computers globally. It links several billion devices worldwide. The word “internet” forms from “inter” which means “between”, and “net” that is “network”. In this way, Internet refers to the course of linking networks together to work out a larger network. Through Internet, computers communicate with each other. Roughly 190 countries exchange information and opinions through Internet. It consists of millions of off the record, academic, administration and business networks worldwide through wireless electronic networking technology. Internet has all-inclusive spreading facility. It has become a medium of communication between individuals irrespective of geographic location.Internet- innovatory change in communication, history of internet, what is internet, logo of internet


The idea of Internet came from Kleinrock’s paper “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets” published in 1961. J.C.R. Licklider expressed Kleinrock’s visualization of a giant network in 1962. Later, Robert Taylor merged the ideas of both Kleinrock and Licklider and created the idea of network which later got acknowledged as ARPANET. Scientists of the US Advanced Research Projects Agency (presently known as DARPA) connected computer networks at the University of California and the Stanford Research Institute in 1969. ARPANET was extended by E-mail communication. E-mail was developed by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. The invention of E-mail proved to be so handy that by 1973 it made up traffic on the network. By the time, there were 40 different networks connected to ARPANET. In 1973, Internet connection was extended across the Atlantic Ocean.


A statistic of 30 December, 2014 shows that about 3,037,608,300 people use Internet in the world. This is nearly 40 percent of the total world population. China retains the first place in terms of the number of Internet users. The United States stands second followed by India.

Internet- innovatory change in communication


Internet has connected people of the world like a family. It has made communication easier by paving the way for sending E-mail, forming Social Network, Social Media etc. Internet has enabled the businessmen to reach potential customers swiftly and at a sound price. It has paved the way of online selling of products as well as services. It has reduced costs of customer service and many more. Now, employees may publicize their information all over the world. Customers may easily provide feedback on a particular product. Nowadays internet is being used for Money transfer, withdrawal of money and many more. Online Banking is a popular name worldwide simply because of it. Availability of information has made Research activities easy. The internet is enormously being used for education purpose. Online class is now branded to all. Students may easily get registered through online process. They can easily collect results too from home.

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