Payment Methods Accepted by eBay

eBay applies some policies to make sure secure and easy payment for the well being of both the sellers and the buyers. The sellers can use only eBay approved payment schemes. This policy helps eBay ensure a safe marketplace. eBay provides consumers and sellers alternatives to select suitable payment scheme. The sellers must mention exact payment methods during listing. Otherwise, they may be subject to actions like limited buying and selling profit. This may even lead to suspension of their accounts.

Payment Methods Accepted by eBay

eBay permits payment schemes like PayPal, ProPay, PayPal Credit, Skrill, Credit card or debit card, Escrow etc. Payment through PayPal is quick and suitable for both clients and traders. The sellers may suggest “payment upon pickup” as payment scheme. With payment upon pickup the sellers need to recommend any of the permitted electronic methods too.Payment Methods Accepted by eBay, ebay payment options, how to pay ebay

There are some restricted payment methods like Bank-to-bank transfers, Money orders, Checks. Bank-to-bank transfers are also known as bank wire transfers as well as bank cash transfers. So, bank wire transfers as well as bank cash transfers are also limitedly permitted. The sellers can make use of online payment services like XOOM,, etc though in restricted form.

eBay Payment Methods

Sending cash through the mail, Western Union or MoneyGram is not allowed by eBay. eBay does not allow inviting consumers to make contact with the seller for supplementary payment methods. Payment by means of Virtual or Cryptocurrencies is not allowed by eBay. eBay does not also permit paying by “topping off”. eBay does not provide special payment facility for selected buyers.

If the clients pay on collection, the seller may take cheques or postal orders on requirement basis. But eBay doesn’t suggest this means too because payment related risk does not get away.

eBay encourages simple and protected online payment methods. This strategy ensures trouble-free shopping for the consumers. Again, this is beneficial for the sellers too.

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