HostGator VS BlueHost-Which is the Best?

HostGator VS BlueHost-which is the best is an extensive debate. HostGator and BlueHost are most popular as well as most suggested web hosting companies. This piece of writing is to give you clear idea about both HostGator and BlueHost so that you can choose the better one while purchasing web hosting for your website or blog.

HostGator VS BlueHost-Which is the Best?

Both HostGator and BlueHost try to ensure best quality for the clients by providing 99.9% uptime security. HostGator applies well set Dual Xeon servers while BlueHost relies on CPU segregation technology. To ensure quality and attract users, HostGator buys new technologies each year by spending millions of dollars. This policy helps HostGator perform better than BlueHost by managing thousands of visitors successfully every day.

HostGator offers Baby plan, Hatchling plan and Business plan for the consumers. BlueHost also offers 3 plans named Business plan, Starters plan and Plus plan. As both the hosts change their offers often, clients can choose any plan which best suit them. Again, though Bluehost and Hostgator propose yearly plans, Hostgator provides customers monthly plans ($0.01 per month) as alternative. Thus, Hostgator comes out champion.

Bluehost incorporates a free domain for 01 year with hosting plans. But Hostgator does not recommend any such opportunity. In this case, BlueHost is the winner.

Bluehost presents free preset weekly backups while Hostgator takes $15 to restore a preset backup. In this aspect too BlueHost emerges winner.

Both HostGator and Bluehost incorporate a $100 Google Adwords coupon in their hosting plans.

Bluehost gives the clients a 30-day money back contract. On the other hand, Hostgator gives a 45-day money back contract. In this offer, Hostgator is the champion.

Both HostGator and Bluehost offer unlimited bandwidth; add-on domains and disk space to facilitate the clients.

Both HostGator and BlueHost apply cPanel as control panel in order to keep customers’ files secure from both viruses and hackers.

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Though both HostGator and BlueHost promise 99.9% uptime, HostGator ensures better service than BlueHost. Thus, HostGator emerges winner in this regard too.

HostGator provides better speed than BlueHost.

To be a better host, customer support is obligatory. HostGator provides 24/7 customer support like Phone call support, email and Live Chat. BlueHost too ensures similar customer support. Clients can access both the hosts easily even at late night.

Therefore, both HostGator and BlueHost are eager as well as careful enough in their services. But, it is clear that HostGator is better than BlueHost in performance. So, HostGator is preferable for your website to perform well.