How to Create a Post on WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

How to Create a Post on WordPress CMS is described here in this article. If you have a website or blog site run by WordPress CMS (Content Management System), you should know about these necessary information to maintain your website or blogsite properly.

What is WordPress CMS? How WordPress Works?

WordPress , a free and open source tool based on PHP and MySQL, is the most popular CMS in the world as it is very user friendly and SEO friendly. It has plugin architecture and a template system which make it more easier than other CMS. WordPress is such a platform which is easier than any other CMS running in the internet world. WordPress is really easy to update and its Plugins make it awesome. Anyone can develop a website using WordPress without having any knowledge regarding web development, coding or something like that. That’s why, bloggers and web developers prefer most this platform. Blogspopt and WordPress, the two famous and popular CMS. I will discuss about Blogspot on my Later posts. Now, I am describing the WordPress. I am showing you how WordPress works and how it will be updated by webmaster and I am showing how easy the WordPress is to develop a website by this script. Readers, just go through this article to learn about the easiest way of Crating Article or Post or Updating website run on WordPress framework. According to wikipedia, WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites in the whole world as of January 2015.wordpress, how to install wordpress, wordpress logo, wordpress all in one, wordpress wiki logo

First of all, You should have a Top Level Domain (TLD), such as, .net, .org etc. Then you need to have a self hosting to host your Top Level Domain (TLD). From where should I buy a Hosting or Get the cheapest Hosting in the world, click here to get the solution. Best Hosting, reliable hosting with cheap rate, Low cost hosting, top 10 hosting company in the world, etc are searched by millions internet users daily from the entire world.

How to Create a Post on WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

How to Login WordPress:

After installing wordpress you should create posts using its CMS. WordPress press login is so simple. Just go to Meta option and click on login link or just go to, then you will be redirected to a page which is similar to the below mentioned image,

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How to create a new post on WordPress: Follow the image to make a new post on wordpress site.

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How To Publish New Post on WordPress: After writing a article or something like that on the wordpress body box , you should Publish it for public interest. Just follow the image here to know how to publish a new post on wordpress CMS.

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Keep in touch to get WordPress related all necessary information which will help you to build a website or blog site successfully.