Buy Raspberry Pi Zero Computer at Just $5

Buy Raspberry Pi Zero Computer at Just $5. The maker of miniature computers “Raspberry Pi Foundation” has commenced the Raspberry Pi Zero at just $5. It is at the same time cheapest and smallest Pi computer so far. The Raspberry Pi Zero is just 65mm x 30mm x 5mm. This smallest Pi computer has Broadcom’s BCM2835 application processor which clocked at 1GHz ARM11 core. Raspberry Pi Zero is 40 percent faster than its complement Raspberry Pi 1. It comprises 512MB of LPDDR2 SDRAM along with a microSD card slot for storage.

Buy Raspberry Pi Zero Computer at Just $5

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Users can buy the Raspberry Pi Zero from all places of the UK and in the US. It has a mini-HDMI socket as support for 1080p60 video output. It also has a 40-pin GPIO header with a composite video header. It is capable of running Raspbian which is a Linux-based operating system. It can handle apps for instance Minecraft, Scratch etc. It has a mini-HDMI slot and two microUSB slots. The mini-HDMI slot is for data while two microUSB slots are allocated for power.

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