Hide Your Personal Info Via Addappt App-Learn How

Hide personal info via addappt app user guideline. Addappt has taken new initiative to secure users’ personal information. Users have full control over sharing information with friends. Users can easily pass on their contact data in a variety of ways. Addappt users need not import contacts manually be it iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android.

Hide Personal Info Via Addappt

Addappt syncs users’ contact information automatically. Once the users tweak to their respective address, phone number, or any other information, the app brings out the same changes on other devices if it finds same name. You can choose specific field to share with particular individuals.Hide Personal Info Via Addappt, addappt personal info hide app, how to hide personal info using addappt, addappot app photo

You can anytime block anyone from seeing your information. You can remove various contacts with one tap. The blocked persons will not see further information of you despite having your phone number. You will not be able to see theirs information also.

If any of your friends does not use Addappt, you can share info via email, vCard, or text.