How to Boost Laptop Battery Life for Lifetime

Learn how to Boost Laptop Battery Life. Laptop users in most cases face a common problem that is reduction of laptop battery power. By following some simple measures you may extend your laptop battery life. You can turn off or decrease the use of the things that disburse power of your laptop.

How to Boost Laptop Battery Life

To run longer on laptop battery, make use of the integrated power management settings. The users of Windows XP can click on “Power Options” from control panel. Try to find “Energy Saver” which stays in System Preferences on a Mac.

If you don’t need to use Bluetooth, just disable it to evade draining your laptop battery.How to Boost Laptop Battery Life, how to increase battery life of laptop, boost laptop battery life photo

You can turn off or disable unused ports and components, for instance USB, VGA, Ethernet, your wireless etc.

Decrease the LCD’s brightness level of your laptop. In a well lit area try setting the LCD’s brightness level at two or three bars.

You can stop the wireless card if you do not use Internet connection. In Mac laptops, you have powering on and off button on the toolbar.

Simplify your own activities to extend your laptop battery life. Running numerous programs together puts greater load on the processor. So, it is good to stick to one application at a time.

If you don’t use laptop for short period, use Shut down or hibernate mode. This is good for your laptop rather than standby mode.

Turn Off unnecessary Apps and Processes of your laptop. Numerous apps and processes also reduce battery life more hastily.

Decline the screen resolution of your laptop. In Windows 7, Right click on the desktop and select the Screen Resolution to turn down the resolution. More links are here

If you follow these easy steps, you can save your Laptop Battery Power easily. So, just follow the above mentioned instructions to have a Powerful Battery for your Laptop.

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