How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

In this article, how to schedule your posts in WordPress is presented step by step. Every site has a definite time in a day of getting the highest number of ...

Premium WordPress Plugins of November 2015

This editorial is about the best premium Wordpress plugins of November 2015. Cooked Recipe Plugin, one of the best recipe plugins, is available at $26. People ...

How to Create FAQ Page in WordPress

To commence a new website or product, some may like to add a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section in WordPress. A new page with all the FAQs can be added ...

What’s Coming in WordPress 4.4

This article is about the features and screenshots in WordPress 4.4. WordPress 4.4 is likely to be available in the second week of December 2015. WordPress ...

How to Add Custom Excerpts in WordPress

Short extract of posts are acknowledged as Excerpts. There is a built-in function in WordPress for you to decide what type of things you want to show as ...

How to Add a Progress Bar in WordPress Posts

To assess the progress of anything that you are working on progress bar is used. The progress bar shows the current rate of progress of a website. The progress ...

How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

To cover diverse areas multi-author website is important. Again, huge number of websites which are run by multi-authors are successful because multi-authors ...

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