How to Create FAQ Page in WordPress

To commence a new website or product, some may like to add a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section in WordPress. A new page with all the FAQs can be added in your website. With the development of product and growth of customer FAQs grows. The need of proper management of FAQs in WordPress arises here. This article is about the process of adding a FAQs section in WordPress.

How to Create FAQ Page in WordPress

If you just have few items, create a page or a post in WordPress and file each and every FAQs there.

To create a detailed FAQs section in WordPress, install the Quick and Easy FAQs plugin and activate it. You will find a new FAQs section in WordPress admin menu. Go to Add New from FAQs to include your first FAQs. The FAQ editor is like post editor. Include the question in the title field. Then, answer the question in the post edit area. The FAQ Groups box is located on your right hand column. Use groups to sort questions into sections. After completing the process, press the publish button. You have to repeat the course for all other frequently asked questions.How to Create FAQ

You can demonstrate FAQs by using the shortcode. You are capable of adding it to any WordPress post or page. There is Quick and Easy FAQs plugin also to help you show the FAQs.

The Quick and Easy FAQs plugin depends on the colors and fonts of your theme. You can modify its display using CSS. You can also make use of CSS Hero plugin.

You can adjust the display order of FAQ by installing and activating the Post Types Order plugin. After activating the plugin, go to Post Types Order page from Settings. Select show next to FAQ. Then, choose administrator next from ‘Minimum Level to use this plugin’ option. Finally save changes to store the changes.