Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Things To Do After Installing WordPress is explained in this writing. Once you are done with WordPress setting up, you will sure to look for settings to increase the performance of your WordPress site. You may also try to boost the security of your site. This article will give you ample idea of optimizing your WordPress setting up. These tips are appropriate for self-hosted websites.

Things To Do After Installing WordPress

You need to Move out the media upload folder

You need to shift the media upload folder outside the key WordPress folder to manage your WordPress backups more comfortably. Again, by serving images from another domain will improve the page loading time. You can move the folder out on a sub-domain.

You need to eliminate redundant Meta tags from WordPress header because WordPress hackers recognize the security of your site from this.

Hide the unnecessary WordPress RSS Feeds. You can remove some feeds keeping your main RSS feed. These feeds are auto-discover-able.wordpress installation, wp installation, wp install process

Default WordPress Permalink pattern is bad for SEO. So, change the structure of the Permalink going to Options in your WordPress dashboard from Permalinks.

Do not use the built-in WordPress search feature because you are likely to get a reduced amount of relevant results. Rather use Google powered search feature because it will reduce damage on your WordPress server.

Deactivate or delete the unused themes and plugins that you no longer want though these staffs don’t influence the performance of your site.

Prevent WordPress from presuming URLs and set a 404 Not Found error for mislaid pages as a replacement for that.

It is mandatory for you to improve your WordPress site security. You should include secret keys to your WordPress configuration file. You can put in file monitoring plugin too.

You can attach your brand logo to all editorials in the RSS feed.

You can stop WordPress login hints to prevent providing hint to offenders. By doing this you stop getting the error message that conveys that your username or password doesn’t match.

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