Snapdeal Launches ‘Snapdeal Ads’ for Sellers

Snapdeal Launches ‘Snapdeal Ads’ for Sellers with a view to to boost business. is heading for a new advertising platform “Snapdeal Ads”. The company aims to enable its 200,000-strong seller community to reach a larger audience through product advertisements. This is a step to include another key revenue stream. They also expect to reduce its dependence on Google Inc. as well as Facebook Inc. Snapdeal Ads will be available in phases for over 200,000 retailers from next week. Prices for Snapdeal ads initiate from Rs 1,000.

Snapdeal will apply pay per click advertising technology. And it expects to facilitate reach over 90 million customers, according to Asif Ali, founder of Reduce Data on the Ads blog. Snapdeal acquired the Silicon Valley-based startup in September.

Snapdeal will apply its ads platform strategy in stages. Snapdeal Ads will largely include native advertisement formats in first phase. The ads will be available on website, mobile site also app. In the second phase, Banner ads and other formats will appear though it can take three to six months.Snapdeal Launches ‘Snapdeal Ads’ for Sellers, snapdeal ads

The company says, these online advertisements will be a cost-effective way for small and mid-sized businesses to boost business. It will boost overall revenue. Majority of online ad spending goes to Google and Facebook for their large traffic in India. If successful, these moves can create additional large revenue stream.

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