Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Platform

Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Platform. PowerApps is venture services to enable developers assess apps, collect feedback, set up apps and do much more. Microsoft’s PowerApps aims to minimize the so-called business innovation gap. By the use of the PowerApps, ypu can deploy solution in your company in a few minutes.

Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Platform

The service comprises features to help ease and accelerate the formation of business-focused apps. The most important feature is that those creating software with the group need no coding knowledge to start.Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Platform, microsoft free software, Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Platform image

The problem of the business “innovation gap” that Microsoft has noticed are: short of developers for mobile platforms; problematic cloud storage solutions and prolonged work-specific app distribution process.

Against the above mentioned problems Microsoft has brought the following solution for employees under PowerApps. One is the skill to build universal apps with a Microsoft Office-like experience. Another is applying built-in connections to join PowerApps to the cloud services loke Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. PowerApps can be shared with the coworkers via email. Microsoft Website

The developers can use Azure App Service for employee-facing apps so that they can ensure fast deployment. They can make APIs to facilitate other developers easily. IT departments can apply it to manage apps, access data and vital business systems.

The sample version of PowerApps is at present obtainable to try for free. This will let users build their personal native iOS, Android as well as Windows mobile apps.

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