Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Blood donation is a secure process. It is not risky to you in any way. Some people regularly donate blood on humanitarian ground. And some sell blood to meet their needs. It saves human life. The person who receives blood is benefited from the blood. But, the persons who give blood are significantly benefited too in many ways. It decreases risk of heart disease. A study says that blood donation reduces risk of heart attack to 88%. Here some health benefits of donating blood are explained.

Health Benefits of Donating Blood

The greatest benefit of donating blood is, it gives the donors joy of saving human lives. As human blood does not have perfect replacement.

The blood donors go through a free health check up. Because, physically unfit people cannot donate blood. This process lets the blood donor know if there is any existence of physical abnormalities. This is beneficial for you as you have chance to know some of the indolent diseases at early stage. Such kind of diseases flares up with the passing of time. In addition to this, the blood and blood products of the donor are screened for certain infections. You have opportunity to learn if they discover any abnormality in the screening tests. So, regular blood donations are the other name of free health check-ups.

Regular blood donations reduce risk of heart disease by keeping the iron levels of the body in check. It reduces the risk of cancers too. Presence of excessive iron result in undue oxidative damage leading to heart attacks, strokes etc.

Blood donors burn 650 Kcal every time. By doing this, it controls body weight.

Repeated blood donation ensures better flow of blood and prevents damage of blood vessels.

Blood donation is a healthy habit. People who work for selfless reasons tend to live longer than the self-centered ones. So, donate blood, save life and live longer with contentment.

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