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Happy New Year 2016 is to celebrate in a grand way by the people of the world. On the very first day of the year that is on January 1, New Year’s Day is observed. New Year’s Day is perhaps the most notable public holiday. It is celebrated with fireworks at midnight. It is so celebrated because the New Year starts at midnight in each time zone. The first day of the year is the New Year according to both the modern Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar. New Year’s Day is observed as the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ. At present, most of the countries use the Gregorian calendar as their real calendar.

Happy New Year 2016


In 2000 BC, Mesopotamia presently Iraq introduced the idea of celebrating the new year. The first month of the year January is named according to the name of Janus, the pagan god of gates, doors and beginnings. The Romans dedicated the New Year’s Day to the pagan god Janus. This incident suggests that the New Year celebrations are pagan traditions. Julius Caesar renewed the calendar as the Julian Calendar in 46 BC. Julius Caesar was later murdered and for that the Roman Senate voted to idolize him on 1 January 42 BC. The celebration was dated in March. The incident coincided with the March Equinox. The March Equinox is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of Jesus Christ, or other Christian feasts which were used all over the Middle Ages as the first day of the new year. Nonetheless, their calendars continued to present the months from January to December.Happy New Year 2016, new year 2016 images, get best Happy New Year 2016 image

The custom of exchanging gifts on the New Year day existed among the 7th century pagans of Flanders and the Netherlands. The custom of exchanging gifts was disapproved by Saint Eligius. Most European nations formally accepted 1 January as New Year’s Day a bit before the Gregorian Calendar. In England, the New Year day was 25 March (also called “Lady Day) the Catholic Feast of the Annunciation until the appearance of the Gregorian Calendar in 1752. Later, Pope Gregory launched 1st January as the beginning of the New Year according to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.

Celebrations and customs:

January 1 means the fresh start of a new year. It also means the period of recollection of the passing year. Day long programs go on in radio and television. The newspapers appear with articles of diverse people with publications containing the review of the changes of the previous year. There are articles on plan as well as expected changes in the upcoming year. There are fireworks at midnight in the countries around the world. Though many nations have their own new year according to history or tradition, still January 1 is celebrated in the whole world. People exchanges good wishes and send sms to near and dear ones. People also exchanges gifts on the occasion of New Year.

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In European countries, people greet the New Year with private fireworks. People in some countries like Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, the US, and the Netherlands assemble on beaches and take bath in the water to celebrate the New Year.