Solve USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 10 Problem

Learn how to solve USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 10 Problem from this article. Those who use computer or laptop is acquainted with problem related to USB device. The computer or laptop sometimes does not recognize USB device. The same problem is faced by the users of Windows 98 to Windows 10. By following some steps you may solve the problem.

Solve USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 10 Problem

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To make your device detect your USB device, Plug-out all other USB devices. If the inserted device isn’t recognized by the computer, disconnect all other USB devices. This may help you.Solve USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 10 Problem, windos 10 usb problem fix

You may try another step that is Restart. Restart can solve the problem.

A different way of solving the problem is installing a driver. If still you can’t solve the problem, go to “Printers and devices” from Control Panel to check for any programmed “Unknown device”. If you find “Unknown device”, go to its Properties and update its driver. You might require to reboot the device. You may also visit USB device’s company site to get a driver for it.

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If your USB device is not yet able to recognize by the computer, try a different computer or operating system. If this works, move all your important files on a different device.

If all above mentioned steps don’t work, you have to use another USB device.
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