Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts. Comments are resource demanding. The more resourceful your site the more traffic you get. Again, more comments means more user engagement. And User engagement improves your website ranking. This article is to describe some essential ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts.

Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Ensure Better WordPress Hosting. Whenever users submit comment on your WordPress site, your server runs PHP script. If comments are submitted by several users at a time, your site slows down. So, you need to ensure that your WordPress hosting provider (like WPEngine) can manage it.create a Personal Blog Using WordPress, wp logo, wordpress logo download

Highlight the top Commenters by encouraging and appreciating them. This action will make users feel that they are part of your blog’s community. You just need to install and activate the Top Commenters Widget plugin.

You can show Newest Comments First. WordPress by default shows the latest comment at the bottom of the comments list. Whenever there are lots of comments on a post, then users will find the oldest comments on top. So, change your WordPress website setting so that Newest Comments appear first.

By Turning on Comments for Old Posts, you can increase post comments. In order to reduce comment spam, a good number of bloggers turn off comments on older posts. Yet, lots of users might want to comment on these posts. So, turn on comments for old posts.

Use Comment Moderation in place of Captcha. Comment moderation lets you block spam and interact with your users regularly. Website owners add CAPTCHA to block spam. CAPTCHA is not user-friendly. You can enable comment moderation on your site in place of CAPTCHA.

You can allow Users to Subscribe to Comments to get instant notifications as soon as there is a new comment. When a user leaves a comment on your website, they need to bookmark the link for further communication. If they don’t bookmark, they will not get further information about it. By allowing users to subscribe to comments, you can increase your page views as well as number of comments on your website.

You must Reply to User Comments to get more comments. By replying their comments, you can actively take part in discussions on your website. To do this task easily, you can install and activate the DX Unanswered Comments plugin.

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