How to Fix a Dead Laptop Keyboard

How to Fix a Dead Laptop Keyboard is depicted in this editorial. Replacing a laptop keyboard is not easy. It is expensive too. So, it's best to discover ways to repair before taking a new step. To fix a dead laptop keyboard, your first duty is to find out whether the problem is in hardware or software. To find out the problem, boot from a live Linux disc or flash drive. You can also try Ubuntu . By this, your hardware will run without running Windows. After you've booted into Linux, try any application. Keep reading if the keyboard works in Linux or pass over to the “You've got a hardware problem” section. If you are able to type outside Windows, your keyboard driver may be corrupted and you need to replace that.

How to Fix a Dead Laptop Keyboard

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Boot back into Windows and use the Start menu's or Windows 8's Search field to look for and open device manager. In Device Manager, locate and enlarge the Keyboards section. Then, double-click on your inner keyboard. Make sure to unplug the external keyboard. Click the Driver tab in the resulting dialog box and select Uninstall. Then, reboot so that the Windows mechanically reinstall the original driver.

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How to Fix a Dead Laptop Keyboard

If you find that only a few keys are not working, then dust may have caused the problem. Try to clean the keyboard by the use of compressed air. Shut down the PC and use the thin straw to direct bursts of air under the keys. You need to focus on the troublesome keys most.

If the keyboard doesn't work after that also, you may have to replace it.
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