How to Create Beautiful Photography Website in a Minute

How to Create Beautiful Photography Website in a Minute. Many of us wish to build beautiful photography websites. Building beautiful photography websites has been made extremely easy by WYSIWYG website building tools, WordPress and Squarespace. The only problem is it requires manual update in every few weeks or months. But now Siftr, a new web app, has come to solve the problem.

How to Create Beautiful Photography Website in a Minute

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Siftr has appeared with “build it, forget it” approach. Again, Siftr is absolutely free. But some of the forthcoming features might only be accessible to premium users.

create-beautiful-photography-website, How to Create Beautiful Photography Website in a Minute

Ex-Adobe employees have created the app. The app by design creates a portfolio website of your best photographs from your Instagram as well as other social networks. The website is responsive. So, this app is different from other website builders which manually upload photographs. Siftr syncs photographs from the users’ social accounts and arranges them in respective portfolio websites.

Siftr uses object identification techniques to sort photos in classes automatically. The photos are tagged according to the pixels. Siftr also offers manifold layout templates. You can easily remove any picture any time.

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