How to Stay Safe While Connecting Public WiFi

This article is about the possible risks of using Wi-Fi in a public place like cafe, park, airport etc along with solution of the addressed problem. While using Wi-Fi in a public place, your private information like passwords, credit card numbers, messages etc can be seized by hackers. Hackers can create problem with the content which you download for future. Hackers can show you a distorted webpage. They can also supply an infected application.

How to Stay Safe While Connecting Public WiFi

Generally, Wi-Fi networks are not properly protected in public places. Kaspersky Internet Security offers a great service by scanning the vulnerabilities whenever you join Wi-Fi networks. Kaspersky Internet Security will notify you if you try to connect to a network which is unsafe. You can easily permit or stop the notifications from Kaspersky Internet Security settings. Simply go to Firewall from Protection Center and enable or disable the notifications. You may also block and notify about insecure diffusion of passwords over the Internet.How to Stay Safe While Connecting Public WiFi

Use two-factor authentication to log into an account in the form of password or code that is sent to your phone.

Use HTTPS to transfer data.

Many use smartphone or tablet which automatically connect to available Wi-Fi hotspot. This activity seriously endanger users privacy. So, avoid such automatic connecting to Wi-Fi Hotspots.

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