Getting Started with the New Google+

Getting Started with the New Google+ is simple. But before setting in, it is good to know what the Google+ is. Google+ is a platform to unite with your family and friends. It is a place where you can explore all your interests. The bigger transform in Google+ is its enhanced focus on Collections and Communities. Google says that through Google+ it is building communities and collections on the social network. It is an initiative to bring out the most used part of the social network.

Getting Started with the New Google+

Here, you have chance to join a community to obtain entrance to a beta without actively using Google+. Google declared last Tuesday that it is restoring its social network Google+. Google has modified the home screen to facilitate you to post contents more quickly.

To access the redesigned Google+, go to the Settings window and scroll down to ‘Manage other apps & activity’ option. Then, press on the ‘Manage Google+ activity,’. And click on the search bar which is available at the top of the screen.

Getting Started with the New Google+You are done! From your next visit, you will find the new layout in the home page. You cannot enable this trait on Google+’s mobile apps. The company expects to revolve the update to the Google+ Android and iOS clients in soon.

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