Get Paypal Master Card for Free

Get Paypal Master Card for Free, it is absolute truth.Paypal offers master card around the world for free. This is a prepaid debit card which lets its users collect payments from various companies. It can be used for various purposes like online Shopping, online payment withdrawal etc.

Get Paypal Master Card for Free

You can get Paypal master card for free by following the provided instructions:

At first, click here to signup to apply for Paypal master card.

After that, you have to fill up the required fields by providing some personal information. Click on the “Next” option after you are done with the existing page.

Then, you have to give your contact details by mentioning your name, contact number, the country you live in and your present address. After finishing this step again click on “Next” button.

Free Paypal Master Card

In the next step, you need to submit security details with great care. Keep note of your security details for future. Security details include username, personal email address, password, security question and answer.Get Paypal Master Card for Free, free mastercard by paypal, get free paypal mastercard easily

Finally, press the “finish” button to complete your application. If your application is successful then, you will receive an email along with instructions to follow next. You may be asked to send scanned copy of your photo. Within 2 to 4 weeks Paypal master card will be at your hand. It will also be activated within short period if you follow the provided direction. Drop a line to PayPal customer service to increase your spending limit.

You will get email even if your application is rejected. If your application is declined then go into this link. Click Here. Choose “others” option after providing your name as well as email address. After that, click on “Account set up” and select the category named “Choose the subject of your question” describing the rejection of card application with a request to reconsider the topic. Again, write your details in the “Your questions or comment” option and present the form. Afterward, you will get an email with information either your application is accepted or not.