Exchange Your Old Phone for a New OnePlus Smartphone

Exchange Your Old Phone for a New OnePlus Smartphone. OnePlus has come forward with an exciting exchange offer. OnePlus fans can replace their old phone for any OnePlus phones at present. OnePlus in collaboration with ReGlobe will exchange the old phones. The validity of the offer is 30th November to 31st December, 2015.

Exchange Your Old Phone for a New OnePlus Smartphone

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OnePlus has two types of exchange offers. One is the client can buy first and sell afterward. The other is selling first and buy later. The users can choose any of the two options. For both options, ReGlobe will valuate users’ smartphones. The users may visit the dedicated ReGlobe page. They can complete registration from OnePlus page. Customers required to share their details along with the device to exchange on the Reglobe website. ReGlobe will send a quote in reply of the request. If the quote is accepted, the customer will avail the exchange offer.

If the customer chooses the first option, he can send request for the product first. The client can collect the invite from ReGlobe customer service. He will plan the pick up for a later date. The customer will buy the handset by using the invite code. ReGlobe will set off the buyback of the older phone. An Amazon gift coupon will be sent to the client in 3-5 days as cashback. If the resale price of the old phone is found over Rs 5,000, a link to free insurance will be sent to the client. The OnePlus 2 is likely to get the B2X Service. And the OnePlus X will acquire the B2X On-Guard Plus add-on. Customers would be able to buy any of the OnePlus smartphones, if the buyback value of the phone is below Rs 5,000.

In the second plan, the customer can go for sell the phone first to ReGlobe. After selling the phone, he can get the buyback cash value.

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