Essential Things You Should Know How to Do on Facebook

Essential Things You Should Know How to Do on Facebook. Facebook has become a vital part of daily life to contact with family and friends as well as to get the latest news. By applying some handy tricks and shortcuts, you can use Facebook more efficiently and easily. Here some essential tips are described for the Facebook users.

Essential Things You Should Know How to Do on Facebook

Facebook users should control who sees the apps they use. If you log into Facebook with apps like Candy Crush, Spotify, your friends may see your app activities in their News Feeds via notifications. You can hide your activities from your friends. To hide your activities, firstly go to Facebook and mouse over Apps (on the left side of the screen) and click more. After that, select Settings where you will see list of all the apps that are logged into your Facebook account. Hover over an app to hide and click the pencil icon. Change it from Friends to Only Me by clicking on the drop-down box which is positioned next to App Visibility.Essential Things You Should Know How to Do on Facebook, facebook how to use, safe user policy of facebook, fasebook how to use, fb user guide new

You can download a photo posted by your friend. Just go to Facebook and open the photo you want to download. Then, click the Options button (lower-right corner of the screen). Choose Download from the pop-up menu and save the image.

You can post something on both Twitter and Facebook. Log into your Twitter account and click your profile image (top-right corner of the screen). Select Settings and scroll down and click on Apps (left side of the screen). Click Connect to Facebook on the next screen. You will find a new window to put your Facebook login information. After providing the information, click Okay. Finally, select who can see your posts and click Okay.

How Use Facebook Safely

You can download your Facebook information that you posted on your Facebook account over the years. From your Facebook account, click the arrow (top-right corner of the screen). Select Settings from the drop-down menu. You’ll see a small line of text “Download a copy of your Facebook data” in the next screen. Click on “Download a Copy”. Then, click on Start My Archive.

You have chance to screen what people post on your Timeline. You can control what people can post on your Timeline. From your Facebook account, click the arrow. Then, select Settings (drop-down menu). Open the Facebook app on an Android device and click on the More button (top-right corner of the screen). Then, choose Account Settings. The iPhone users need to click on the More button and select Settings. Then, tap Account Settings. The next steps are the same for desktop, iPhone, and Android users. Select Timeline and Tagging and choose “Review Posts Friends Tag You in before They Appear on your Timeline?” Take the slider to the On position both in the Facebook and Android apps. on your desktop, click Enabled.

You can limit who sees your posts. Sometimes, you post something that you don’t want to share with some of your facebook friends like your parents, kids. To limit who sees your posts, write your post as usual. Before posting, select the button “Friends”. You can select exactly who can see your post from the resulting drop-down. At the same time, you can select who you don’t want to share the post by clicking Friends. Then, select More from the drop-down box and the Custom option. After that, you can put the names from whom you want to hide your post. I think this post is important for you if you want to know the “Essential Things You Should Know How to Do on Facebook”.

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