Best Free Microsoft Android Apps For Android Mobile Phones

Currently, Microsoft has brought some Best Free Microsoft Android Apps. These mobile apps aren’t even obtainable on Windows. There are a handful of good Microsoft apps to be used on Android. And most importantly these apps are absolutely free. Here are some Best Free Microsoft Android Apps for you.

Best Free Microsoft Android Apps

Mimicker is an innovative alarm app. This app forces you to imitate actions so as to turn off the alarm. Mimicker is amazingly useful. Download Mimicker for Android

Arrow Launcher is an Android app which will enhance your Android experience. It by design assembles apps according to your use. Arrow launcher includes highlight people you swiftly contact, allows you add notes as well as reminders. Download Arrow Launcher for Android.Best Free Microsoft Android Apps, free apps android, androed free apps

Journeys & Notes is an extraordinary social notes app that lets the users take notes whilst travelling. Once select transport mode, you’ll notice notes about the journey from other travelers. Download Journeys & Notes apps from here.

There is popular calendar app Sunrise of Microsoft. Outlook for email is a handy apps you need. If you want more prolific lock screen, Picturesque Lock Screen or Next Lock Screen may work excellent for you. There is also Connections – Contact notes app to make notes about calls easily. Connections – Contact notes app demonstrates the notes you made when that contact calls you later on.

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