What’s Coming in WordPress 4.4

This article is about the features and screenshots in WordPress 4.4. WordPress 4.4 is likely to be available in the second week of December 2015. WordPress provides a new default theme every year since 2010. The name of WordPress 4.4 new default theme for 2016 is Twenty Sixteen.

What’s Coming in WordPress 4.4

The features of Twenty Sixteen theme are traditional blog layout, two menu locations, a sidebar and content area. Two menu locations are intended for site navigation and social links. Care has been taken to increase readability as well as stylish display on each and every device.What’s Coming in WordPress 4.4

It has five color schemes Default, Red, Dark, Grey, and Yellow. It lets the users choose colors for themselves to create infinite color schemes. WordPress will provide a responsive image out of the box using srcset. This feature will display an image according to device capabilities. WordPress 4.4 will let you add embeds from any site including all WordPress sites. WordPress 4.4 will contain lots of under the hood improvements and changes. Taxonomy term management is going to enter into new phase with WordPress 4.4. WordPress 4.4 contain taxonomy term Meta data capacity into center.

WordPress 4.4 will offer plugin authors REST API facility which they will be able to use by adding custom end points.

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