How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts

Inline related posts are made in the center of a blog post as a link for related article. Inline related posts increase page views. It also facilitates SEO by interlinking your content. Larger news sites mostly use inline related posts. Earlier, bloggers used to depend on related posts plugins to show associated content at the ending of the post. The related posts let the readers go through the relevant content on your site. Readers may not reach the traditional related posts plugins because of the allocated location. The need of inline related post links arises from here. Inline related post can be set without influencing the user from reading the article which is in progress. From here, you will get to know how to add inline related posts in WordPress blog posts.

How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts

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To add inline related post, install the Inline Related Posts plugin. Then, activate the plugin. To configure the plugin settings, go to inline related post from Settings. How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts, best related post plugins wp, wp inline related plugin

To see the plugin settings, click on the Active option. You can adjust the look of the inline related posts in your posts. You can use two free themes. You can modify the themes by adjusting the colors. The option of including inline related post is available under the appearance options. You can select the number of links to be added in all post. You are able to provide the number of words to be used as gap between two related post links. You must click on “save” button to store the settings. If you don’t want to use inline related posts in any post, you may do so by disabling the option. Click on the edit option of the post and scroll down a bit. You will find the related post meta box in the right hand column from where you may disable it.

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