How to See All Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

How to See All Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts. To work faster on computer, Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way. By the use of these Keyboard shortcuts, we can speed up our work  as well as save time. Microsoft Word has numerous Keyboard shortcuts. You can create list of all the keyboard shortcuts which are available in your Microsoft Word. Make the list of keyboard shortcuts now for your computer. A built-in macro has been used here to see all of the keyboard shortcuts in Word. This macro is there in Word 2003 and above.

How to See All Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

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Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts, keyboard shorcut

Here is How to See All Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts. To See All Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts, firstly go to the View tab in Microsoft Word. After that, Click on Macros. This command will take you to View Macros. Now, modify the dropdown to “Word commands” for the macros location. Then, type “List Commands” in the Macro name field and select Run option. Next, Click OK and leave the selection “Current keyboard settings”. Word will promptly create list of all of its keyboard shortcuts. You can save this for future. You can also edit them to highlight the ones that are most useful to you.

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