Remove Background from Photo without Photoshop

Remove Background from Photo without Photoshop. Here how to Remove Background from Photo without Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has tools such as the background eraser as well as an extract filter to help you quickly wipe out complex background images from digital photographs. If you want to remove Backgrounds from Photos without Photoshop, you can do so easily.

Remove Background from Photo without Photoshop

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To Photoshop visit FotoFlexer. Upload your picture on FotoFlexer and open the Geek tab. FotoFlexer is an online photo editor. In the Geek tab of FotoFlexer, you will get an intelligent tool named “Smart Scissors”. The Smart Scissors work like the Magnetic Lasso selection tool of Photoshop. You need to draw a rough border around the image which you are willing to part from the background. You will get to see that “Smart Scissors” magically snaps the curves to the next edge.

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If you are pleased with the selection, select the “Create Cutout”. Your unexpected image background is not visible now. You can utilize this free FotoFlexer service to take out picture of a particular person from some group photograph. You can merge two photos as well. To merge two photos you need to cut a section from the first image by the use of Smart Scissors and set that over the second picture. The cutouts of the image can be saved as JPGs or PNG.

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