Make International Phone calls From Mobile without Internet

  1. Make International Phone calls From Mobile without Internet. To make phone calls worldwide by the use of Skype or Viber, you must require internet connection. This piece of writing is to introduce you with an alternate by using which you will be able to make international phone calls without internet connection. Most of the mobile phone users make international calls at very expensive rate. People may contact at home and abroad via Skype or Google associates at comparatively low rate too. And for that they need internet. But what happens when you do not have internet connection or you cannot access 3G/4G services? Here is how you can make contact with anybody in abroad at cheaper rate.

Make International Phone calls From Mobile without Internet

The name of the unique app that provides international phone call facility without internet and 3G/4G services is ‘Ringo’. The users of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone may use Ringo. This is Ringo app that allows anyone make international calls from their personal mobile handset without internet connection. It simply modifies the user’s request of dialing an international number by transforming it into a local number. For example, you dialed a number of India from Bangladesh. As soon as you make a call by means of Ringo, it calls a local number in Bangladesh internally. It also dials a local number in India. After that, it joins these two calls within few seconds. This procedure is visible to the users. The voice quality of the app is excellent. Ringo app records all the dialed numbers in the users’ phone book mechanically. It displays the present local time whenever you try an international call.

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Make International Phone calls From Mobile without Internet

If you compare the costs of making international phone calls via Skype, Viber, Ringo and others, you will definitely find that the cost of phone call via Ringo is the cheapest. On the other hand, Ringo lets you formulate international phone calls when you have nothing around to make contact. Get Ringo app from here.
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