How to Link to Specific Part of a Web Page

How to Link to a Specific Part of a Web Page is explained in this writing. While reading articles on website, you sometimes find something worth sharing. You are too willing to draw attention of your friends to specific part of the article. While sharing the article you may highlight that specific part so that your friends don’t miss the part. You may do so by the use of web apps.

How to Link to Specific Part of a Web Page

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To draw attention to a specific part of a lengthy article, you may use Genius and TLDRify web apps. Genius and TLDRify are valuable web apps so that you can annotate web pages. This is something like the highlighter pens used on printed pages. The Genius and TLDRify web apps allow you to draw attention of your intended persons to any specific sentence or paragraph on a web page. It also lets you make direct profound links to the highlighted text. As soon as people click on the shared link, they notice the original page with the annotated text.How to Link to Specific Part of a Web Page

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How to Link to Specific Part of a Web Page

Genius is a melody lyrics website that provides a web annotator too to facilitate you add context as well as commentary on any web page. You may use the service without installing any bookmarklets or browser extensions. You just need to visit the browser’s address bar. Then, put in ahead of the page URL. Subsequently, sign-in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google Account. Thus, you can include annotations to the existing page. To start, highlight the part of the article you want to highlight on the page. Click on the Genius button that pops-up so that you can add your own comment. Finally, Genius will give you a unique hyperlink which will open the page directly with the highlighted annotation.

TLDRify is another useful app in the category where you need a bookmarklet or a browser extension. You do not need to sign-up for an account to annotate web pages in TLDRify. TLDRify links will demonstrate your personal highlights only. To use TLDRify, choose any sentence or paragraph. Then, click the TLDRify bookmarklet. This command will produce a deep link to the highlighted text.

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