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How to check a Website is Google Mobile Friendly. Know if Your Website is Google Mobile Friendly from this writing. Google has made some adjustments recently to mark mobile-friendly website. Google will demote non-mobile-friendly websites. This will result in non-mobile-friendly websites rank much lower. So, your website may see a drop in mobile traffic. Responsive design is certainly a way. There are few options to confirm if your web page is regarded mobile friendly by Google.

How to check a Website is Google Mobile Friendly

Google offers online tool to verify if your website is mobile friendly. You ought to apply it against all the pages of your website.How to check a Website is Google Mobile Friendly, make mobile friendly site, google mobile friendly site

To know if your website is regarded mobile friendly, you can execute a site:domain.com search in Google on any mobile phone. This is the quickest means to verify mobile-friendliness of website. You need not use any tool.

Check Website Mobile Friendly or Not

Sometimes a website is seen responsive and readable on mobile device but not functional. Google may not mark your website as mobile friendly because of such factor.

There is Google webmaster account to know the usability issues of any website. You have to open Webmaster Tools, select Search Traffic as well as Mobile Usability. This action will let you see all the indexed pages of your website and those that need your attention.

On the other hand, you can make use of the PageSpeed tool to perceive usability issues. This option is usable without logging into Webmaster Central. You just have to put the URL in the input box and try the User Experience report under Mobile.

You can also try other online tools to experiment your website. If any discrepancy is found fix them.

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