Easy way to Improve Accessibility of Your Website

Easy way to Improve Accessibility of Your Website. Accessibility is a design technique to make a product reachable to users with disabilities. Accessibility plays an important role in the progress of any website. The website owners sometimes neglect accessibility while contemplating on creating more beautiful websites. This gives bad user experience which hampers progress of website. This article is to show you how to improve accessibility on your WordPress site. By following some common practices you can make your website more accessible. By increasing website accessibility, you can make it easier for the users.

Easy way to Improve Accessibility of Your Website

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To improve Accessibility of Your WordPress Site, at first install WP Accessibility plugin. Then, activate the WP Accessibility plugin. After activation, go to WP Accessibility from Settings in order to configure the plugin. You have to take out the title trait from tag clouds and archives. After that, enable the skip link which allows users to access content directly. WP Accessibility offers you numerous accessibility settings. You can use any option on your site according to your need.iPad Pro VS Surface Pro 3: Which is Better?

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WP Accessibility plugin has an accessibility toolbar. By enabling the accessibility toolbar, you can add a toolbar on your website. The users can resize fonts by the use of the accessibility toolbar. There is the color contrast checker tool to test the foreground and background color contrast ratio.

Learn more about the WP Accessibility plugin features here.

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