How to Start a Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Blog and Make Money doing it. Many budding online entrepreneurs want to start blog to make money online. You may know how to Start a Blog and Make Money Doing it from this article. By the use of 5 simple basic steps you can start a blog to make online Money.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

At first, choose a topic for your Blog. You need to add useful content to your blog on daily or weekly basis. You can create the contents yourself. You can also hire a writer or content creator. You may create contents on various issues like Health issues, Celebrity Gossip, Entrepreneurship, Travel & Vacations, Food, Parenting Issues etc.

You need to register a Domain Name and Web hosting. In this case, you can choose your name or a name that goes with your contents. You can use anything. After selecting the domain name, you need to register it with a Domain Registrar. You also have to set up a web host account.How to Make Money From a Website

You have to build your Blog yourself or by any convenient party. After domain as well as web hosting setup, you have to build your blog. As soon as you setup your blog, you are ready to blogging.

You need to promote Your Blog to increase Traffic. For the success of your blog, it is necessary to find an audience. You can make use of social media sites. You can select social media channels like Facebook, twitter, Pintrest etc to share your content.

You need to Monetize Your Blog Traffic. With the expansion of traffic, you can start monetizing. There are some best means of monetization. One is by promoting your company’s products. You can sell advertising sponsored posts on your blog. You can also sell sponsored posts on your blog. You can use appropriate affiliate links for sale. You can insert Google Adsense to your blog get paid from Google when people click on an ad.