WALTON Text Reader Review

WALTON Text Reader is a user friendly active apps for easy text reading. You can use this apps to read text from any browser, PDF, docs, text editor etc. There is start, stop and pause service for the users. This device can read a text many times according to the users need. The key features of WALTON Text Reader are RTF, FB2, HTML, TXT set-up support. WALTON Text Reader works with text file formats only. The common features of WALTON Text Reader are like Activate/Deactivate, option to download voice data, Speech rate, Text reads (one time/several time) and Pitch rate.

WALTON Text Reader Review

To work with WALTON Text Reader, you have to press on the display screen for long to select certain text. Then, you need to go to the menu bar to select copy option. After that, move pop up button and set the button wherever you like to start reading text by tapping on top of text. You can drag the button everywhere to read or pause. You can also hide the popup button.

WALTON Text Reader ReviewWALTON Text Reader is free software. Download WALTON Text Reader for free from here.

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