Overweight: Causes, Complications and Treatment

Overweight and obesity related issues like why people gain unhealthy weight, signs of obesity, complications of overweight and measures to prevent or treat overweight are illustrated in this article. Overweight or obesity is having unusual body weight. The number of overweight people, irrespective of age, is increasing remarkably day by day. Overweight people are always at high risk of severe medical conditions. Obese people suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, different kinds of cancers etc. People who have healthy weight lead a comfortable life.

Overweight: Causes, Complications and Treatment

Why people gain extra weight?

When one’s body intakes more calories than it requires, he/she gains extra weight. Alcoholism, overeating, lack of quality sleep, lack of proper exercise, hormonal imbalance may cause obesity. People may become stout hereditarily and environmentally. Behavior and social factors also play role behind one’s unusual weight gain. In fact, obesity is an intricate health hazard. Inactive people who lead unhealthy life become stout in the long run.

What are the complications overweight people faces?

Overweight causes stroke, breathing disorder, heart syndrome, diabetes, liver disease etc. It causes prostate and bowel cancer in men. It is also responsible for breast and uterine cancer in women.

Overweight: Causes, Complications and TreatmentHigh blood pressure, high cholesterol, inhalation problems and joint pain are regular problems of obese people.

With obesity, risk of having health problems increases. Obesity leads to psychological problems too.

How to prevent and treat Obesity?

To lead a quality life and decrease health risks, prevention as well as treatment of obesity is essential. Regular physical exercise may prevent obesity. Healthy diet that is balanced meal helps greatly to prevent obesity.

Sometimes, drug therapy is required to lose extra weight.

People who are genetically stout should see doctor for a secure weight-loss plan.

Above all, maintaining a healthy weight requires lifelong changes in daily life including food habit and exercise.