How to make money online Secret tips to earn $18 Per Day From Google

Today I am going to share with you some secrets of earning money online. Would you like to know How to make money online Secret tips to make online money from Google? It can be said that step by step beginners’ methods of online earning from Google. You know, you can make at least 18$ a day from Google. So, this is the article to share how to make around $18 per day from Google.

This method is 100% guaranteed. If you follow up this article, do what I will show you through this post, you can reach at least $18 per day. I would like to share with you everything you need to know to make money online as a passive income from home. There are lots of ways to learn about make money online secrets for passive income.

The secrets are what I do to earn money online over past 12 years. So, everything will be discussed here to be successful with this strategy.

How to make money online Secret tips

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I think it may help a lot of you to change your lives and to start making money online from home as a passive income for your livelihood. The idea in this post simply is creating a blog, which is a small website & monetizing the website and getting traffic to make money online as a beginner. What's nice here is you don't need to sell anything. You can work from home even from any country. There is no country restriction or geographical barrier.

Earning Online Money Payment Method is not a Problem

You don't need such a payment method which is not supported in your country at all. You can get your money directly in your bank account in any country. Also, you can even work from your mobile phone. So this method, I think is one of the best and most fruitful method of earning money online. it's almost 100% guaranteed for anyone to work with.

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Even if you know the idea behind this post, don't leave it. It's very important to settle your life in a successful way in this digital era. I will share with you a lot of details, tricks and choose to help you make things easier for you and start this 100% Guaranteed money-making ways from today. Just focus on this article & start copying my secrets discussed here to generate a handsome income from home.

Secret Tips to Earn Money Online $18 Per day

To be honest with you, in order to reach at least $18 per day as a beginner, you need to work at least three or four months continuously without any break. Here I will share with you some small but effective tips & tricks. It will help you make these four months like two months only.Make money online secrets will be revealed here in this post as I have already discussed about it.

The first step in this strategy is to create a website and to be more specific to create a blog and publish some articles on it. Now I think you have question that how to create a website or blog site and how to create contents to publish on it.You may tell me I don't know any programming or development. I don't know how to create websites or blogs and so on. Don’t worry, Just have some patience. I will show you everything in detail. It takes only 5-10 minutes to create a website or blog site.

How to Get Free Website and Free Blog to make money online

Its possible to create a WordPress blog like in not more than 30 minutes. I explain step by step how to create a blog that looks like this one like my website and you can start publishing articles on it. Just Believe me, it takes only 5-10 minutes to create a blog site or a website using WordPress or blogger platform. Only five minutes! Yes, just 5 minutes can deliver a website or blog site to start earning money online which can be the passive income in future.

Getting Free Blog site or Website is true

Now you can ask me what is the first step is to create this blog. Let’s describe the simple steps to create a website or blog site to make online money. If you don't have a blog or if you don't have a website. Just create your blog or website easily. There are free and paid platform to make a website or blog site. Now you may ask me that a blog or website requires hosting and I don't have money at all. So, there are free methods also.

Easiest Way to Earn Money Online 2022

Can we start for free in this strategy? Simple answer is, Yes, you can start for free. So you don't have any excuse to make money online this days. Keep visiting this page, here you will find how to create a free WordPress website or blogger website for free.

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how to get free professional website, wordpress free website to make money online,

I shared with you three methods to stock for free without paying anything even a single dollar as well. So it can build a WordPress blog totally for free.

I can mention it as a first step. I think it's somehow simple is creating a blog. Maybe some of you, most of you have already a blog site and this is awesome. If don’t have, I will help you through this post to get a FREE website that is professional and money making website as well.

Real Method of Earning online Money

Now we get the step number one, which is creating a blog. And by the way, I explained also of my other post like this which will help you to create a money making Blog site or website that is really free. This one here how to use blogger to create a website. So if you go to Blogger.Com, which is a free company by Google, allows you to create a blog website or a blog for free. Yes, that is 100% FREE and you can make money online from blogger sites.

Get FREE Blog website to earn money easily

Go to and click on new blog and you create a free blog and do some simple task for visual appearance and start posting articles. Click on new post and you can simply start writing your articles here and publishing them. It's very simple. So it's up to you to go with the blogger or with WordPress. Do whatever you want.

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The idea here is to have a blog is to create a blog and I will share them with you in the post below. So you don't need to go anywhere else to find your desired money making tips and tricks. So now we have the blog.

How to create a Free website to earn money online

Step two is to publish some articles.Okay. And here, please focus very well because I will mention some really important tips and tricks that you have to know to be successful with this strategy. So your plan now is to publish some articles on the blog on your website. The main question here is how I can pick the topics, the niche, how to select which articles, which topics I want to write about on my blog or website.

Answer is Simple. Just Write about something you love that's simple. You love Technology, write about Technology, you love finance, write on finance. You love digital marketing, just do for digital marketing. You love health and fitness, write about health and fitness on your blog or niche website. Write whatever you love, but keep in mind the following two important points.

Easy ways to Get Passive income from Google Ads

Now I will give you two examples. I created a website & I do some tests with it. So I published some small articles about technology, lifestyle, digital marketing and so on and do some tests about getting traffic and how I can make money online the CPA or with affiliate or with Google AdSense and some alternatives like infolinks. I have made a handsome amount of money from this website as I said earlier that it can be a passive income for your livelihood.

How to Earn $18 Per Day a beginner

I don't have a lot of traffic just for testing, but believe me I made money online. I made about $18 per day from a single website having very few traffics. And by the way, it has maybe 800 to 1000 views per day only.

This simple website with only few visitors per day can make $1-$20. Believe me, its true. I know there's not too much, but for a lot of you, $10 per day may be very good to start online to change their lives. So this is the first example.

How to do SEO to Make Real Online Money 18$ Per Day from Google

So it's around $18 per day. Now, the main difference other than traffic is it choosing the content topics. Here we have technology and digital marketing while in my other website is SEO tools website, it's about SEO simple tools.

earning money secret tips, how to get online money free, free traffic

People visited my website to research SEO for free. If I search here for keyword research as an example and click on search, you will see now the Keyword suggestion & CPC worldwide globall. So whenever someone publishes and add on your website, he may be paying some money per click.

Online Earning Methods from Home

So the topic you choose for your blog is very important when it comes to earnings when it comes to making money from Google absence or from Google. So just keep in mind this step that the articles or the topics you write about is very important and have a direct effect on your earnings. Other example, if you are writing about tech topic. You can also select countries like United States, UK to get specifically from these countries.

How many visitors need to make $18 Per Day

I'm making $18 per 1000 views on a technology website. While if you go to any other topic, let's say even with good topics like making money online. You can make more than that of mine also.

This is simply because of the topic of the articles. So just keep in mind that the topics you choose for your articles will affect your earnings directly. I tell you do what you love. It's better from doing something that you don't love. You don't know about just for money.

High CPC Website to make online money

A small advice. Do what you love. Now, if the topic you love have a big CPC, then it's perfect. It's up to you. Or maybe you want to learn about these topics, the high CPC topics and write about such kind of niche.

You need some more time and some more hard work to learn about them. As an example, if you go with insurance company, this keyword in the US and search for it on google to get some ideas. you will see it's very high CPC.

Which are High CPC Keyword to make money online

It's unlimited on google. You can search whatever keywords you want for whatever topics you want and start searching and checking the CPC. And whenever the CPC is higher, your earnings will be higher. This is why in my other website I'm getting a lot more money per day because digital marketing and email marketing tools and those specific topics have a higher CPC than technolog. so just keep in mind this important point and do a keyword research for free with any online tool and see how CPC keywords to use in your article.

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So your revenue will be higher. The second important point or tip for you to know. if you want to make more money with Google or from Google Ads or Google AdSense is something we call micro niche blogs.

Best way of making Money Online is Affiliate Marketing

Let's say you want to create a blog about digital marketing. Your blog will talk about only digital marketing. you will see I talk about web hosting, about digital marketing, affiliate programs, making money online and so on. This is not a micro niche website.

I am talking about digital marketing, affiliate marketing and online business somehow a broad or a big topic. We have a lot of child topics inside it in my website. You have to go with something called Micro niche or micro topic to choose a specific topic and talk about that topic in your website on a regular basis. Go to Google, or you can go to YouTube for hundreds and thousands of ready reference like this one.

Best ways of making money online while Sleeping

If you want to write about email marketing which has a very high CPC these days. Lets search on Google or youtube with these keywords like Email Marketing Strategies, Email Marketing software, Email Marketing best practices, email marketing courses, how to do email marketing, email market tutorials for beginners email marketing tools etc. So all of these keywords are topics related to this main keyword to this main topic and all your focus will be on the specific keyword. So when you start your blog today or maybe tomorrow or whatever you want, just focus on publishing content about specific topics related and connected to each other.

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In this way, your blog will get more visitors automatically from Google since it's talking about a specific topic that people once answered about. So there's a second tip going with Micro niche blogs with high CPC keywords. Publishing articles and what you have to know, you need to publish at least like 10 to 15 articles in the first 30 days so you can get accepted by Google Adsense to publish ads on your website.

How to publish article on Website to get Online Money

The second step is to publish the articles, just write an article with relative information. Now we have the articles, just publish it on your website or blog. you can tell Google though Google Search Console now. Hey, I have a blog. Please add some ads on my website so I can make money.

Fastest Ways of Earning Money Online from Google from Anywhere

That's very simple. Now a lot of you may tell me that Google AdSense not accept my website or blog and so on. My website is so complicated, it's so hard and so on. That's simply not true at all. It is more than simple to get accepted by Google Adsense.

What you need to do is to sign up for Google absence, Go to Google adsense. And open the website. here and simply get started and sign up with your Gmail account. So simple then you have to add your website.

It will tell you to add your website simply. Just click on add site and add your website on Google Adsense.

I want to give you three important tips to get verified and like two days with Google. Number one, I told you create a blog that has somehow a beautiful theme it may free or paid theme as well. It looks good. It looks professional and explain this in detail.

Easiest Way to Create a website or simple way to make Blog Site

It's so simple with WordPress or blogger which will take five to ten minutes to create a website. You can create the blog. Number two is to create what we call a Privacy policy page, Contact Us page, About Us page.

If you go to my website here this website you will see also Privacy policy, contact us, about us pages. You have to add these pages on your website. It will also help you to get verified directly by Google. And it's so simple to create these pages.

Just search for Privacy Policy generator on Google, you will find websites which will generate Privacy policy page for totally free for you. Simply, create other two pages as you like.

How to get Approved by Google Adsense Very Easily

We have a lot of websites. I use this one also Privacy Post generator, enter the company name, website name next and you will have your Privacy policy copy and you paste on your website. So make sure to post like 15-20 articles, have a good design and add the Privacy policy at your website and you will get verified. This process will take you like about 30 days to build a good website and add some articles and so on.

Is there any fastest way to make money online?

I think your leisure time is more than enough to do this. If you like to work every day for just 1-2 hours. It's perfect and enough to start earning money online. Now someone may ask, is there any faster way to do this operation to have a website with Google adsense verified? I say, NO. Actually, faster or fastest whatever it is. You should be more and more attentive to do your work online to make money within very short time indeed.

Earn Money Online from Day One (Step by Step Guideline to make online money)

If you have money to be invested, You can simply buy a blog with content monetized with ads so you can start directly and make money from day one. But the only problem here is you need money to buy this website. So in this article I'm sharing with you a free strategy for starting from scratch or from zero, but in this case you should have a small budget, so that you can buy a website. You can do this by going to the websites like flippa.

flippa website earning tips, how to earn from flippa website, flippa site to make online money from day 1

In Flippa or similar website, Simply you can browse for any website and buy it. So, after buying a website from website buy-sell marketplace, just go to create contents and publish them to your blog or website. That’s all. You are going to earn a handsome amount of money every month from Google.

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We can buy cheaper websites from filppa like marketplace even from $1. Just monetized with AdSense and start earning money online from very beginning of your journey. You can buy websites directly from Flippa and start your business from day one.

Earn Money Online from 1st Day without any coding knowledge

I said earlier that, in this case you just need to nurture your website with quality content every day and publish more articles and get more traffic. I have a small trick for some people who have a small budget and they want to buy and start directly but always make sure to check the website very well before you buy it. Usually flippa verifies all the websites which enlisted there. So read the information, check the website, check the ads, contact the seller and utilize your common sense and finally buy the chosen one.

Anyway. This is a small trick for someone who wants to buy a website and still wants to earn directly from day one in online. Now I want to continue to the second main step, which is getting traffic to your website.

As I mentioned the way of earning money online is so simple which is to create a blog and to publish some articles or maybe buy one from flippa so that you have the website with ads. Now The second step is to gather traffic to your website or blog site. But as I told you earlier, what's pretty nice about this strategy is that you don't need to sell anything to anywhere. The method of earning money online in this way is super simple. When you get traffic, people will see the ads on your website or blog, then revenue will be generated in your Google Adsense account.

How to Get Free Traffic for Website

At the very starting point I mentioned an amount that is $18 per day earning online. Now its time to start making money online in order to reach at least $18 per day. Nothing very exceptional or impossible there to start earning online with at least $18 per day from Google Adsense. Just you need an average about 5000 to 10,000 views per day, not user views. I think it's not that big deal to get 5000 views per day because if you follow some simple strategy, you will sure get such traffic for free of cost.

I shared a few methods that they are free and fast to give you traffic from some giant social medias like facebook, youtube, twitter, quora, reddit etc. You can get traffic from day one following these amazing strategies here I disclosed and start getting traffic.

Tips and Tricks to get FREE Website Visitors to make money

I will not waste your time now again and again sharing the same methods in my website as you have come here to learn something new and working for all. What's nice about Google AdSense. As you can see your earnings day by day. You can see the earnings every day. You can analyze the users data and earning reports at the dashboard of google adsense.

You can see the earnings to get inspired from your hard work. So as much as you get traffic to your blog or to your website you will earn more money in every seconds and even when you are sleeping. So, don’t be frustrated at all. This article will give you also some more ideas to get traffic to your affiliate links on your website which is a link by the way.

You can follow the methods in this website to get free traffic from Google. I explained step by step for beginners also. You can utilize the tips and tricks and start getting traffic into your website.

How many people earn money online with easiest ways

So, lets have a sum up of this huge article which is: create a blog, publish some articles, apply to Google AdSense, publish some ads like ad shown on this website, then get a traffic everything explained in this post. Follow the steps shown here and start implementing from today. I know a lot of you like maybe 80% or 90% will not try this even though this method is 100% guaranteed and it works perfectly with millions of people in the world. I really don't know the answer why 90% are not doing this.

This is to get you some traffic and I'm trying my best to share with you everything I do to help you start and make money from your home. Believe me, this method works. It's 100% genuine and guaranteed.

How beginners can earn money online

It just needs you to work from your PC or even from your mobile. You can start with your moment as you can see, everything is online. So on your mobile we can start working with this method. Please start do it right now and you will see you will start making at least like $5 to $20 in 90 days from now.

How to make passive income online

Believe me, it works now perfectly. Before I end this topic, I want to share with you one small secret on how to scale up this business or two small secrets. Number one is to rank your articles with SEO and get free traffic. This will be 100% passive income at all.

Not that big deal, but it's working. It's totally passive income. And this is amazing side of Google Adsense.

So just think about it. You have a website monetize with ads. You are getting free traffic. So you are sleeping at home and you are making money. Its not a dream, Its true.It will help you turn your business into passive income. 100% passive income business from home.

100% working Secret Methods of earn money online

So this is the first trick, the second trick or the second secret on how to scale up this business is doing something called Google Adsense arbitrage. Simply it's buying traffic for promoting your articles and people will come to your website as paid visitors, but they will stay on the website in a way you will make a higher revenue than the ads you paid. So you can buy ads from google as an example for $20, you make $30 with Google AdSense. Your net profit is $10.

This is how some people scale the business. So go to a native ad networks and promote your posts, but you have to promote a viral post. Something viral, something people will love & will read, will share, and so on.

How to create free Article for website to make money online

Search on google with keyword, viral content checker and Open the website from search result and you can search for viral content as an example. Let's see this if I search here an example for anything for fishing, whatever you will see articles on the internet and you can see the engagement like the one got million Facebook engagement or Twitter or Pinterest views. You can see the top performing posts. You can get this content and write similar ones on your blog and the promote with paid ads.

Earning online money from Google by Ads Arbitrage

This is what we call ads since Arbitrage I know this somehow a big topic. It requires a full tutorial and I wish I will share it later in this website. I will show with you the case study later on.

So this is how we can scale this business with ads arbitrage and so to turn it into a passive income business. I hope you enjoyed this topic. I shared here almost everything I know about Google AdSense, what I do, what you have to know to make money online and reach at least $18 per day.


If you have any questions you can comment below on anything you want to know. Share your ideas with me or simply you can go to the forums here in this website where you can post questions and we will follow up with you almost every other day to answer your questions. I created this forum specially to help you all. You can find a lot of topics here. Just post your questions on the forum and I or any expert will be here to help you almost every day.
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