How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress is made clear in plain words in this article. Making Sticky Posts in WordPress is very easy. Before making sticky posts it is important to know what sticky posts are. WordPress has changed from mere blogging tool to full-featured content management system. Many businesses use WordPress to produce as well as preserve their company websites because WordPress is easy to use. You are able to create an entire website quickly and easily. And WordPress functions that mean plugins are often free. To add latest content to WordPress site, you must select if you’re going to add a post or a page. You are also able to add a hybrid of a post as well as a page called “sticky” post. The sticky posts are so called because you want them to be displayed in the front page regardless of the date published. Now is time to know how to make Sticky Posts in WordPress.

How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPressHow to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress, stiky post wp

At First, you have to go to your admin area. Then, open up the post page. Go to the right hand sidebar. You will find a Publish box the right hand sidebar. Pay attention to the (Visibility: Public) field. After that, click on edit. Test out the box to formulate the post Sticky and publish it.

To make an older post sticky, you have to follow the same steps. You just have to click save. Know more here.