How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello

How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello? Trello is similar to a to-do list which lets you organize all your thoughts, projects, tasks and goals in lists on priority basis. It's a trustworthy system. Trello offers a very flexible way to accomplish your plans. You need not make use of separate tools like calendars, journals, and diaries if you use Trello. Trello has a full network of apps and extensions . These apps and extensions make your life simpler. Here how to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello is arranged in a systematic way.

How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello

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Whenever you remember a task or you make a plan, create a new card in the “Inbox” list of Trello board.

Move the task which you expect to be done by someone else to the “Waiting list”.

If the task is optional or not urgent, move it to the “Someday/Maybe list”.

If you need to complete a task at a fixed time, move that card to “To Calendar along with put a due data to the card. You can easily connect Google Calendar to your Trello list. To do that you need to use the iCal feed.How to Organize Your Entire Life with Trello, logo of trello, trelo logo

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Your most important tasks are to move to the “Need to do list.

Take the most important cards from the “Need to do” list. Move the card to the Today list. Once the “Need to do” list is clear, move some pending cards from the “Someday/Maybe list”. Put the unfinished tasks to the respective lists at the end of the day.
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