Hostgator VS Namecheap which One is the Best?

Hostgator VS Namecheap which One is the Best? thats a common question from webmasters. NameCheap and HostGator are famous web hosting companies. Both the companies provide high class facilities to their respective customers. Still, there are arguments over their offers that, between the two which one provides better services.

Hostgator VS Namecheap which One is the Best?

HostGator obtains almost 97% contentment rate from customers while NameCheap gets only 2 out of 5 stars.

HostGator ensures technical support to the clients via toll-free phone calls while NameCheap does not. A good number of webmasters say that they get HostGator technical support for free even in late night. But, NameCheap is criticized for unprofessional and rude support even if it charges for phone call.Hostgator VS Namecheap which One is the Best, hostgator vs namecheap, which one is the best between hostgator vs namecheap

NameCheap provides various hosting services including Professional plan, Value plan, Business Expert plan and Ultimate plan. The clients can enjoy these plans between $2.90 and $23.00 each month. Value plan is the cheapest of all which is available at $2.95, $3.48 and $3.98 each month with 3-2-1 year billing cycle respectively. On the other hand, HostGator provides Business plan, Baby plan and Hatchling plan at $6.36, $3.96 and $10.36 each month correspondingly along with default 20% money off. The packages also contain year-long free domain name.

Hostgator VS Namecheap

Though both HostGator & NameCheap use control panel named cPanel but there are some differences in this factor. One difference is while HostGator offers unlimited disk space; NameCheap offers maximum 25GB disk space. Another difference is though HostGator supports Perl & PostgreSQL, NameCheap doesn’t. Again, HostGator gives unlimited email accounts but NameCheap gives just 50.

Out of minimum 99% uptime, HostGator assures 99.98% while for NameCheap it is 99.91%. In case of hosting speed, HostGator’s server response time is 338 ms while it is 568 ms in NameCheap.

Above all, HostGator emerges winner in every aspect. Though, NameCheap tries to provide similar services to the customers, due to some drawbacks it could not gain customer satisfaction highly. So, between the two web hosting companies, HostGator is the best.