How to Enable and Disable Google Now On Tap

How to Enable and Disable Google Now On Tap is discussed here along with the facilities offered. Google Now On Tap is a new feature available in Android Marshmallow by which you can get help from Google from any app. Google Now On Tap provides you information quickly and you need not leave the app to do a Google search. You need not search for any person, location etc manually. You just need to pull up Now on Tap. The Now on Tap will automatically accomplish searching for you.

How to Enable and Disable Google Now On Tap

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You just require a smartphone or tablet running Android Marshmallow. As soon as you open Now on Tap, it scans the screen for more relevant information for you and suggests “cards.” For instance, you’re searching a clinic in an app. If you open Now on Tap, it will provide you more information about the place. Or your friend mentions a restaurant in a conversation. The Now on Tap will show you a card in which you will see the reviews and directions of the restaurant.

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If you own a Nexus phone or tablet running Android Marshmallow, open an app. Then, click and hold the Home button. The new users will find a Now On Tap pop-up box to Turn on. Click on the Turn on button.

After activating the Now On Tap, you can use it from any app. To be benefited from Now on Tap, simply click on the Home button plus hold it down. It copies what you're searching; carries out a Google search and brings up valuable information.

How to Enable and Disable Google Now On Tap

You turn the Now On Tap off easily. Open the Google app of your phone. Select the three parallel lines icon and select Settings. Tap now cards and turn off Now On Tap.
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