6 Best Chrome Extension Like Mozilla Addons

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We know an statistics indicates says that more than two (2) billion internet users are using Google Chrome for their internet browsers. However, we should know about the features and benefits of Chrome Browser which makes the browser so popular in the world.Actually, there are hundreds and thousands of attractive features that make the Crome browser download so popular in the world of internet. Besides that the users are rated highly some of the Google Chrome extensions in terms of their user friendliness and benefits of easy install and use. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome Extensions are free to use and they will make you happy with excellent experiences. These Google Chrome extension are nothing variable from another Browser giant Mozilla Firefox’s Addons Extensions. The other day, we will show the same for Firefox Addons.

Now we are discussing about 6 best Chrome extension download system and its fabulous features which really attract the users and they are actually helpful for the internet users to have better experiences in the competitive market.

6 Best Chrome Extension Download

Some basic advantages of Google Chrome Extensions are discussed here step by step in this article.

  • Chrome extensions need really less space than traditional desktop or laptop browser apps, you can update the extensions more easily too.
  • Most of the Google Crome Extensions are free at all.
  • There are more than 100,000 extensions to choose from.
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So, we believe that you need to know about the Google Chrome Extensions facilities and benefits. Now, you will be learning about the best 6 Google Chrome extensions and how to install guideline also.

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension download if you really want to get idea about any keyword. If you are website developer or SEO specialist, you need to have the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension in your computer.

2. MozBar

MozBar is another fantastic and best crome extension for SEO engineering. You can have a quick SEO site overview and SEO stats of any web page. Moz community account (which is free) is needed to get full support of Mozbar which begins to analyse website’s SEO health also.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb Chrome Extension is available to get normal site analysis. This SimilarWeb tool brings all traffic sources into account during site analysis as its activity.

4. Tag Assistant

Tag Analysis will be found at this Tag Assistant Chrome extension which may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the others.Tag Assistant can be said as trouble-shooter which analyzes Google tags like the ones that are necessary for digital marketing.

5. Majestic Backlink

Backlink is very important for any kind of SEO or link Building high-quality backlinks.It can be pretty easy in terms of others. Majestic’s Backlink Analyzer lets you find out the total quantity and quality of backlinks which you need to know for any kind of SEO or digital marketing.

6. Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed Chrome Extension download to know about any website’s page speed. Google PageSpeed Chrome plugins is vital for analyzing page speed, which is very important to higher the rankings of your website or web activities. Because slow page speed means your website death in a sense. So, Google PageSpeed chrome extension lets you to  look at the critical but vital issue that is Page Speed.


Hundreds and thousands of people use Google Chrome as primary internet browser on their daily life, and for logical reason also. Google Chrome extensions make your life easier than you really expect as an SEO expert. 

Here I have simply discuss about the best 6 Google Chrome extension with my own views. I think you have another views regarding the same. So, please let us know your experience and choice from Google Chrome extensions. Welcoming your comment here below this page.