Facebook Companion Messaging App on Android

Facebook at Work Launches a Companion Chat App on Android. Facebook has launched a messaging app on Android named Work Chat. The app is for companies that employ “Facebook at Work” partnership service. You will need Facebook at Work accounts to use the app. Work Chat will be offered as part of Facebook at Work because it is planned for domestic use by a corporation. It is a platform to facilitate users to share information and files easily. It is a place where users can make plans and converse with the colleagues at work.

Facebook Companion Messaging App on Android

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Work Chat offers plenty of features like Messenger. The Work Chat offers comprise group chat, the trait to include photos and videos in messages, stickers etc. Users will be able to chat one-on-one or in groups. Users can send both photos and videos. Users will also be able to make phone calls everywhere in the world for free.

Facebook Companion Messaging App on Android, Facebook at Work Launches a Companion Chat App on Android

It is not yet known when Work Chat will come to iOS. We will provide you update about it regularly.

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