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A brief note on Blog: The world of technology is updating with its everlasting and quickly changing pace. Technology creates sense of generating knowledge and leading life more easily. Actually, the generation of todays world is always searching for new things and ideas in online. In this way, we are very fond of blogging and bloggers. However, blogging means adding new materials regularly on any specific platform of blog or website. Blog is specially a discussion platform on world wide web. Until 2009 Blogs were generally a work of single author, but recently Multi-Author Blog is introduced worldwide. So, at present multi author can develop a blog site to gather knowledge and spread ideas to the world.

Blogging Tips For Beginner

Jorn Barger introduced the word “Weblog” on 17th December, 1997. and the term “Blog” was introduced by Peter Merholz on his blog peterme.com on April or May, 1999.

Blogs are allowing visitors to comment and share ideas with each other for the betterment of the knowledge seekers. A blog can deal with any specific subject or variety of subjects.

Blogging is now very popular at the entire world. Todays generation is really very happy by Blogging, because they are spontaneously gathers knowledge as well as earn money online. There no bound to start a blog, and there is no age limit to begin a blogging life. But it needs interest on blogging and technology. In this way anyone can start a blogging life. It means anyone can be a blogger without any hesitation. It does not require a vast knowledge at all to start a blog.Blogging Tips for Beginner Bloggers, beginner blogging tips image, how start blogging guide photo, logo of beginners image

If you have simply knowledge on blogging, you must know that there are millions of people who are enjoying prosperous life by earning money online through Blogging. Just believe it or not, this is the reality of todays world that blogging can give you a prosperous life and it can make you billionaires. But it requires hard work, sincerity and honesty. If you want to be a successful blogger in life, you must be hard worker and honest. You must keep in mind that to Be a successful Blogger, you should take time at all. Just keep patience, success story will  be yours only.

Since 2008, I’ve been a blogger. I have a number of  Blogs and websites. Wikimega is one of them. It was not updating for a long time. Now I have been decided to update Wikimega by my experiences. I will just share my views with my visitors. Hopefully, I will help the new bloggers. Yes, I made a lot of money through blogging. I believe a truth in blogging that if you give time and honesty on blogging, you will become a gainer. Now I will discuss on Top tips on blogging for newbies. Still I remember those days when I was a newbie. I was searching for newbies tips and tricks online. I was moving to and fro for getting tips for beginner bloggers. So, I have been decided to help the beginner bloggers as I can.

How to start blogging to make money online

Avoid Copy-Paste: To be a successful blogger, you must avoid copying others materials or contents. If you are addicted to Copy-paste, you will never be succeeded in Blogging. Earning is far away for you. Thats is the truth only for you.

Determine about your Goals: You should define your Goals for your blog. Otherwise your blog will be worthless. From the beginning you should be aware of your blog and its content. Selection of content is really important for your blog.

Tell the Truth: Never tell a lie to your audience or visitors. Just spread the truth that you know. share your real experience to others. Remember that, Trust is slowly earned and very easily lost. So, keep extra care on it.

Know your Visitors: Always keep attention to your visitors as they are coming to learn from your blog. So, update your blog according to your visitors interest. Don’t mislead or confuse them. Just share what you know.

Be persistent: Updating your blog spontaneously is really very important part of your blog. Its a crucial point of your blog. It does not mean that you will post worthless and meaningless content. But you have to update with valid information.

Don’t measure stats too early: Only a fool can expect an early popularity for its blog. In your blogging journey, you should have attention on quality not on more visitors. If you pay attention on quality, visitors will come automatically.

Easy To Share: sharing content is another important point to be popular. So, make your blogs’ content easy to share.

Length of Posts: Don’t write too short or too long for your blog. Write with short sentences for easy to understand.

Mishukutubi is the founder of wikimega.com, a blog that aims to make web developers journey easier and it will show you all How To Answers in one platform. We will guide you to pick the best one. Ultimately wikimega will make you an expert in Digital Marketing. Wikimega to help newbie bloggers and web developers to build a better life. Here's more about Admin of wikimega.

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